Inline with the recent lockdown announcement by the Government, JMAH is once again having to suspend all congregational services.This is a decision that was not taken lightly and has been done to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus in the UK.

Figures show the number of confirmed infections are once again rising. All mosques and faith institutes have a duty of care towards their communities. The preservation of life takes precedence over everything else and for this reason, we are canceling all major activities at the mosques. This includes:

• Jumu’ah prayers
• Daily salah (congregational prayers)

we ask everyone to please pray salah (prayers) at home. This includes jumuah, which should be replaced with the normal dhuhr (mid-day prayer consisting of 4 rakat) prayer.

We pray that Allah سبحانه و تعالى protects us all through these testing times. Ameen.

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