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JMAH Madrassah is re-launching!

JMAH Madrassah Alhamdulillah has been running for over 20 years and is at the heart of what the mosque does. An Islamic Supplementary Evening School which offers Islamic Studies, Qur’an Recitation and Qur’an Memorisation classes according to the true teachings of the Qur’an and prophetic ways of the Final Messenger – Prophet Muhammad.

The Madrasah’s aims are to fulfil the obligation of seeking knowledge in a caring and secure Islamic environment, to endorse excellent manners and nurture future leaders of our community.

On 17th May 2021 the Madrassah will open up again for onsite teaching and learning to boys and girsl, due to the pandemic understandably we have seen student numbers drop, we’re giving parents the opportunity to re-register your children in the Madrassah once again.

Why do I need to re-register?

We need parents to re-register their children to allow us to manage class numbers and give everyone the opportunity to join the madrassah who left during the pandemic. Registering also ensures we’re complying with health and safety standards ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning environment for all.

Will classes be COVID safe?

The Masjid management has put all the necessary procedures in place to ensure the safety of everyone attending, we’ll follow similar guidance already set out and being used in schools. If your child or someone in your family tests positive for COVID you’ll need to isolate and the Madrassah will continue to offer the online teaching option to ensure your child doesn’t miss out.

Registration Form

Please use the following form to register your child, please register all your children that you intend to send to the Madrassah. This form will allow you to register a maximum of 4 children, if you need to register more than 4 please select the option at the end and you’ll be sent an additional form to fill out.

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