We’re Opening Up … But Restrictions Apply …

After months of lockdown, we’re gradually opening up …

The government has announced places of worship can now open from 4th July for congregational worship, but remember COVID-19 is still present and a threat to life

Our Masjid will open its door for Fajr Salah (3:15am) on Saturday 4th July Insha’Allah

The Masjid management has responsibilities to ensure everyones safety and therefore requires all congregation members to abide by the following rules, failure to do so may result in the masjid being closed. The Masjid management also reserves the right to decline entry to anyone failing to comply by the following rules:

*             You must bring your own prayer mat to pray on – You may be refused entry without one

*             There will be no Wudu or Toilet Facilities open to the public

*             Please use a face mask at all times.

*             Please bring a bag for your shoes – Shoe racks are closed

*             A one way entry & exit system is being implemented – Follow it at all times

*             Use Hand Sanitizer upon arrival

*             Keep 2 meters apart at all times

*             No Qurans, Books and reading materials will be available in masjid.

*             Please read Sunnah prayers at home and leave promptly after the prayer

*             Exit for Men will be via the back carpark

*             No gatherings inside or outside the masjid.

*             The elderly are encouraged to stay home especially those with medical conditions.

*             No children under the age of 12.

*             The Masjid is currently closed to women.

*             If you are feeling unwell do not attend masjid.

*             If you or your family have any symptoms do not attend.

*             Think before you decide to come to the masjid.

*             Do not put other members of the community at risk.

The management is currently conducting a risk assessment for the Jummah prayer. More information will be released later …

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