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JMAH Dawah has been working hard for the last few years to make use of online/social technology that is currently available. We’ve worked hard to get this website to a stage where it fulfills the needs of the user. We have a Youtube channel where we live-stream a wide range of our events to the wider public. All our events and activities are published on our Facebook page and we recently launched an Instragram page to help reach a wider audience.

The Radio System is an addition to the services already available above.

There has been a request for a radio system that broadcasts the Adhaan live to the end users house. We recently purchased the system and is now live.

Additional information about the system can be found below

We researched extensively the system to purchase to ensure it is future proof. This system offers both an Analogue system and a Digital system ensuring as many people can benefit from this system.

You have the option to purchase either the Analogue or Digital systems.

An Analogue system is the traditional system that works on a radio frequency. A transmitter is installed on the masjid and is activated at the time of prayers. You will need to purchase a reciever that the masjid will provide to you. Generally this system works on a ‘line of sight’, so the closer you are to the masjid the better the quality you will get from the broadcast. If you find the broadcast weak we recommend that you look into the digital system

The digital system has no limitations in terms of location and can be recieved from where-ever there is an internet connection. An app is available that you will need to download that runs on a subscription service. This is provided and managed by the Azaan company and the masjid does not have any input in this.

The company offers a free tablet offer if your sign-up to the 5 year subscription service. Please ask us about this.

To download the app, please see below.

You have 3 purchase options. You can buy the receivers from the company website:

Analogue System:

Working on a reciever system. These are priced at an one off cost of £35.00

Digital ‘App Only’:

A Subscription based system. You’ll be charged £20.00 a year per device you want the app on. This is managed by the hosting company and not the Masjid

Tablet with Free Speaker:

When you purchase a 5 year subscription package deal you will receive a FREE Azaan DR-1000 WiFi Receiver and Bluetooth speaker dock. Priced at £100.00

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