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JMAH Radio Service

The JMAH Radio Service was introduced in 2018 to help with our outreach program. The system allows users to listen to the Adhaan, the daily prayer, the weekly Khutbah as well as any talks and reminders the masjid may be holding. For more information on the system please click on the button below.

JMAH Nikkah Service

The masjid offers a Nikkah service to the general public, more information on the nikkah service as well as the form to fill out can be found by clicking on the link below

JMAH Foodbank Service

JMAH Foodbank service was setup in 2015 to help provide food to the needy within the community. The service is delivered weekly and currently provides food parcels to around 80 families. We've also worked in collaboration with the local council in helping to provide food to the needy within the community. For more information click on the button below

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